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“Providing the daily needs of kids and families by trading what they have for what they need.”

The Community Closet will be offered four times a year.  The dates are geared toward the changes in season.  These are times when kids need new clothes the most.

The Community Closet will be held right here at Redding Christian Fellowship from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The History:
This began as a way to meet the needs of families in Salem, Oregon and was a ministry of The Project. It was originally called Community Exchange.

How it works:
People who have needs will be attending the Community Closet, bringing with them things that their children no longer need that are still in good-great condition, and use them as a credit for a trade for things that they now need. For example, a mom of two kids might bring with her 10 items of clothing that her kids have outgrown. She then has 10 credits to use to get what they now need, whether it’s clothes, diapers, etc.

Other things we offer:
Free lunch served
Free 1 hour childcare available.

For more information please contact Jessica or Lorene by email at:



Diapers, swim diapers, kids summer clothes, and now ANNOUNCING new to the closet MATERNITY CLOTHES!!

What we need:
We will always be taking donations. Kids clothes (new or used), maternity clothes (new and used), diapers and swim diapers, toilet paper, and paper towels (individually wrapped).

What we don’t need:
The community closet is geared toward kids so we do not accept adult clothing with the exception of maternity clothes.

A Good rule of thumb:
If its too OLD or has a hole or stain, don’t donate it! It is our desire that people would give with a heart of sacrifice. Donating what would otherwise be thrown away is rarely a sacrifice.

Where to bring it:
There will be a donation trunk to collect your donations just inside the main sanctuary entrance at Redding Christian Fellowship, or you can bring it to the church office during office hours.  Please have your items counted, bagged, and your name and number of items labeled on the bag if you wish to receive credits for your clothing donations.

When to bring it:
Monday- Thursday: If you are wanting credit for your items you need to bring items to a sorting day or event day. (Check our Facebook for dates)



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