Sunday Morning Worship Services begin at 9:00am & 11:00 a.m.

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Worship Gatherings:
You’ve probably noticed that there are many different ways that churches worship God. Some sing hymns, some sing newer songs, some raise their hands as a symbol of adoration and dependence on God; others prefer to sit in silence and meditate on who God is. Not everyone worships God in the same way.

Redding Christian Fellowship has been known for its solid Bible teaching.

Our Celebration Service
The worship and praise ministry of our Celebration Service is led by Pastor Jerry Mapes. His upbeat ministry (utilizing a variety of music styles, choral & orchestral music, and special music) is loved and appreciated by people of all ages. The worship is designed to give us opportunity to connect with God and to express to Him our love and adoration. It also leads us to the focus of preaching God’s Word, utilizing expository book studies and topical studies, presented to make God’s Word relevant to individuals and families in a confusing and tumultuous world. Emphasis is placed on making Jesus Christ Lord of our lives, and grounding our lives in the Truth of God’s Word. We are multi-generational and diverse in church backgrounds which gives us the opportunity to have a very broad spectrum in musical styles.

Stylistically we vary widely, but in content we hold true to God’s Word. We see the value and doctrine from the hymns, and equally see great teaching in some of the new praise and worship songs of today.

We are blessed to have a group of people who love the Lord and want to serve Him first and foremost. From Southern Gospel, to Jazz, to the classics we’ve been blessed with great musicians. Over the past few years we’ve had artists such as: The David Crowder Band, The Down East Boys, the Kiev Symphony and Choir, and others.

Since outreach is such a large part of who we are at RCF, we look for opportunities to share the talents of our musicians in different venues throughout Northern California and even around the world.
Worship Choir
This past year our worship choir performed several productions during Christmas and Easter, culminating our year in July with Homeland at the Cascade Theater. After a short break during the summer our Choir resumes in the Fall.

Watch for more information.