High School

High School

Attention High School Students!!!
There has been a location change for Wednesday, July 5th evening Brink!
The new location is :
Craig and Lynette Blaisdell’s home
10593 Swede Creek Rd.
Palo Cedro, CA 96073
(Next door to North Cow Creek School)

Hope to see you all there. There will be food, fun and a testimony given by Nick Covarrubias.

Time will be our regular hours 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The Brink

Wednesday Nights :: High School (9-12th Grade)

Come to RCF from 7-9 PM and head to the Chat Room for a great time of fellowship (hanging out), singing songs of praise to God (worship), having a snack (breaking bread together), and studying and discussing the Word of God (the Apostle’s teaching). During the summer we will be heading to a lot of different locations and times may vary. Please click on summer schedule above for more details.

What Happens At Sunday School?
Sunday School is not the best name for what we do. It’s more like a full blown worship service geared toward students. Junior High and High School are together for worship through music and preaching. Then we separate for a time of discussion. We meet in The Chapel at 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings.

What Happens On Wednesday Nights?
God’s Word is not a dusty, old, outdated book. At least it’s not supposed to be. It is alive and active and through the help of the Holy Spirit it’s meant to be understood and lived out. It deals with issues from integrity to illegal drugs, from shoplifting to sex, from the effects of sin to using profanity and everything in between. Teaching also happens communally in the context of small groups.
We strongly believe that worship is not confined to music but rather that music allows one of many powerful expressions of acting out worship. Worship through music is very powerful and very important to us. We are looking for students with musical talent and ability to help lead music with an emphasis on worshiping in Spirit and Truth rather than just rocking out. (But we do that too!)
Having fun together is a natural extension of spending good times together. The Biblical term for God’s people having fun together in known as fellowship. Fellowship is characterized by interacting and conversation, playing together by shooting hoops or 9 Square in the Air, goofing around, and just hanging out.

What Are Small Groups?
Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in a crowd, even a small crowd like ours. Small Groups exist for you to connect with a handful of other students in a deep way and discuss Life, God, Relationships, and even more! They meet each Wednesday night with one or more of our adult staff who love students and want to help you pursue God and others.

Who’s In Charge?
Jesus, Pastor Caleb, Katie Weber, Brenda Conklin, Esther Mapes, Ken Nichols, Bill & Betty Rogers, and Dave Whitacre

Who We Are:
We are a toe in the body of Christ at Redding Christian Fellowship that ministers to high school students who desire to encounter the living God through His Word, Worship, and Community. We want to become all out followers of Jesus Christ so that we can live out this life in Grace, Truth, and Joy to the Glory of God.

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