Prayers & Squares Ministry

Prayers & Squares Ministry

What is a Prayer Quilt?

A Prayer Quilt is a lap-sized cover, hand-tied with square knots. As each knot is tied, a prayer is offered for the person to received the quilt. When fully tied, the quilt is given as a gift of love and prayer.

A Prayer Quilt is a statement of our faith in God and our belief in His power to comfort, strengthen and heal.

Who may receive a Prayer Quilt?

Anyone who is facing a special need for prayer, such as surgery, treatment, or a crisis illness may receive a quilt when they are sponsored by someone attending Redding Christian Fellowship.

A Sponsor must:

  • ask the recipient for permission.
  • request the quilt from the team
  • deliver the competed quilt to the recipient.

To become a sponsor please contact:

Church Office (530) 222-3425

Who makes the Prayer Quilts?

Prayer Quilts are created by individuals who are committed to sharing the burden of others through prayer and the giving of hand-tied quilts.

The Prayer Quilts team meets weekly:

To work on quilts in progress.

To receive quilting instruction.

For encouragement, fellowship and prayer.

Is This Ministry For You?

You don’t need to be a quilter or even a sewer. This is a team effort.

Our Motto Is:

It’s not about the quilt…

It’s all about the Prayers.